In this wide-ranging and far-reaching talk, Eric Zimmerman will build on his fifteen years of experience as a game designer and game industry gadfly to talk about the wider relevance of games to the culture at large. What are games? What is game design? And in what ways is our culture changing to become more game-centric?


The importance of thinking in terms of complex systems, playful technologies, and the world as a designed construction are bringing about new ways of making meaning, and demanding new kinds of literacies for understanding these meanings. In a talk that will include playing games with the audience and offering a sneak peek at his next major unreleased game title, Eric will provide a provocative glimpse into a very playful future.

Fri, Nov 21 8pm
92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street
Tickets: $10.00


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11/16/2008 by NYC_GI

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