Arkadium Developer Says Flash Will Survive

Tom Rassweiler, Manager of Game Development over at Arkadium recently penned an article for casual gaming news site Gamezebo proposing why he feels Flash will be around for some time to come.


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Is New York Overplayed As A Video Game Location?

Is New York overplayed as a video game location? A recent article posted on Kotaku attempts to examine the issue in further detail.


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Television, Meet Games: Gamasutra Article

Gamasutra recently posted a feature about the intersection of television and games. In it they highlight one of New York's own companies involved in the space, Area/Code.


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Upcoming Game Design Workshop Seeks Input

Big thanks to NYCGI member Vincent St. John for posting about this in our forums! Apparently, the free Arkadium sponsored game design workshops we reported on earlier are starting to get rolling and the organizers are looking for input.


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Mako Games Working on Project Natal Title

In a series of recent job posts over on Gamasutra, Mako Games has been looking to hire developers to, "Dive deeply into the Natal motion-sensing technology".


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Freeverse Top Gun Postmortem

A new postmortem over on Gamasutra covers the creative process behind Freeverse's licensed Top Gun iPhone game and explains how staying true to the source material allowed the team to deliver a better game.


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Blackwell Convergence Postmortem

In a postmortem written for Gamasutra, Wadget Eye Games CEO Dave Gilbert delves into what went right, and more interestingly, what went wrong during development of the company's latest Blackwell game.


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Play Super Street Fighter IV in New York Tomorrow

Tomorrow night Capcom is throwing a "Fight Club" event in New York for fans of all things Street Fighter, and it's going to be extra special this time around.  While it is short notice it's still worth checking out.


Jump off is inside...

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Large Animal Talks Creative Direction For Social Games

Large Animal art director Brad MacDonald was recently featured in an insightful Gamasutra write-up covering the company’s approach to creative direction and social games.


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Calling All Gamers - is Live!

The wait is over! has opened its doors to all NYC gamers. This is the place to test your mettle against other players throughout the city.


Jump in and check it out.

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