Local independent game developer and publisher Large Animal Games participated in the Developer Sandbox at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco on May 27-28th, showcasing a game demo called "Infinite Journey" that was built utilizing Google's O3D technology. Large Animal plans to integrate the technology with social networks.


They'll do this via "Toga", their cross-social network platform. Google's O3D is an open-source web API for creating rich, interactive 3D applications in the browser. While at the I/O conference Large Animal was also interviewed as part of the Developer Sandbox series, which can be seen below:



And here is a clip of Infinite Journey in action:



To check out more information about Infinite Journey, and to learn more about the production process of the above demo you can visit: http://blog.largeanimal.com/


If you're interested in learning more about Google's O3D API check out: http://code.google.com/apis/o3d/


06/04/2009 by alexk

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